Functional, Stylish & Sustainable


We are focused on helping people experience the convenience of hands-free living and enjoy being present in their daily activities without having the burden of carrying a jacket on their arm all day.


Since our accessories will be a part of your outfits, we want to compliment your overall look. Also, sometimes you don't want people staring at some new thing you're wearing so that's why we have a street but subtle/low-profile design - something low key that you'd be proud to wear and accessorize.


We wanted people in colder climates to carry their jackets without getting hot while shopping. Everyone feels like they have to carry their jackets with them on themselves or on their arm, and after some hours, you'll be exhausted. We wanted to solve that.


At Band Strap, we craft each product with a sustainable touch, transforming discarded plastic water bottles into functional and stylish fashion accessories. From our Band Jacket Strap "portable coat hanger" to our unique crossbody bags, our products made from RPET plastic (recycled water bottles) goes beyond making life easier; it's about paving the way for a greener tomorrow.

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"I can't describe how comfortable it is now to go out and run my errands. It's something you don't know you need until you use it once!"

Paul Je


Daniel Je