How to Use the Band Strap

Check out how it works in real life.

How to Use BandStrap
3 Main Ways

Free Your Hands in 30 seconds.

Put your jacket over your main bandstrap, and then attach the mini band (included) close to the top of where the jacket and Bandstrap intersects, and ensure it's 7 to 8 out of 10 in tightness to ensure it doesn't fall.

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Benefits of BandStrap
Coffee in One Hand, Phone in the Other

Go Shopping Freely.

Open doors too without asking your friend to hold your jacket, your backpack, your phone. Solo travel made easier, along with grocery shopping too. If you try and it and you're not satisfied, we'll send you a full refund minus shipping costs.

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Let's Match Us Up with the Rest of Em'
We're Simply Better. Better Made.

RPET made, and Useable with Sweaters and Shirts Too.

Get you one today and experience a whole new life ahead of you. Hands free. We use it almost every day locally in our hometown of Toronto as the creators of BandStrap. We especially use it during our travels to other countries!

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